The Public Appraisal Service Office (KJPP) WAHYONO ADI & Partners (KJPP WNR) is a KJPP that was established in March 2007 and is located in Jakarta. KJPP WNR is a change from KJPP SAH & Partners which was originally a combination of two appraisal consulting companies, PT. Wadantra Nilaitama and PT. Media Indo Citra Kirana based on Minister of Finance regulation No. 125 / PMK.01 / 2008. KJPP WNR is engaged in property / asset valuation, projects and techniques, feasibility studies, business and financial restructuring, project management in the fields of planning, design, monitoring and development.

KJPP WNR was established based on deed No. 1 March 5, 2007 before Notary Nuzul Okdawiati, SH, Notary in Jakarta under the name KJPP Samsul Hadi, Wahyono Adi, Hendra and Partners, then by resigning one of the colleagues changed the name to KJPP Ichsan Suud, Wahyono Adi, Hendra Gunawan and Partners accordingly latest change deed No. 08 February 20 2017 before the Notary Marliansyah, SH. Subsequently with the change of partners, KJPP Ichsan Suud, Wahyono Adi, Hendra Gunawan & Partners changed their name to KJPP Wahyono Adi & Partners (KJPP WNR) who had received permission to carry out assessment consultant service activities from the Ministry of Finance (SIUPP) with Number 2.18. 0153 based on the Decree of the Minister of Finance No. 333 / KM.1 / 2018, and supported by certified experts (MAPPI, Appraisal Permit, etc.) and experienced in the field of assessment and consultancy.