Asset Valuation

Valuation of assets such as vacant land, building land, shop houses, office buildings, expenditure centers, hotels, apartments, health services, factories, plantations, mining, power plants, vehicles and others.

Land Appraisal for Public Interest

Valuation in the public interest which refers to Law No. 2 of 2012.

Feasibility Study

Analysis and study of project plans to determine the feasibility of a project.

Corporate Restructuring

Conduct analysis and study of a company, especially in terms of financial aspects.

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Project Supervision

Monitoring of the project to completion is focused on the physical progress associated with the use of funds from banks or other financial institutions.

Land Suitability Evaluation

Evaluation of the planned plantation area to determine effective areas that can be developed for oil palm, rubber, cacao plantations etc.

Highest and Best Use Study (HBU)

Analysis and study of assets in making decisions on the maximum usability of land that is physically possible and most likely to be used, is legally permitted and is financially feasible and gives maximum results.

Asset Verification and Inventory (Asset Management)

Collecting data, recording, labeling, and reporting of assets and information systems.